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Chimney construction and chimney redevelopment for industrial companies

We are the experts in chimney construction for more than 50 years. You will receive a comprehensive technical consultancy as well as a planning and professional construction which meets all the technical and regulatory standards. We build industrial chimney systems made of brickwork, reinforced concrete, concrete or steel as well as flue gas ducts.

Installation of a new liner (pdf)

In addition to the complete new building, we also take care of the reconstruction work on existing chimney systems. These include increases, extensions or general adaptation to changing operating conditions. Furthermore we supply and install compensators, silencers, filters and retrofit steel tubes (liner) in existing chimneys to.

Construction of steel chimneys

We plan, supply and install complete steel chimney systems according to DIN 4133 and exhaust air towers for ventilation systems, exhaust gas and air lines according to DIN 4705. This also includes the manufacture and installation of support structures, vibration dampers, silencers and all other necessary attachments made of metal.                                    

Chimney redevelopment

Another area of our company is the refurbishment of chimneys and tower structures made of reinforced concrete, concrete, masonry and steel including the partial demolition and restoration. In the field of redevelopment we perform among other head and joints renovations, repairs of lining masonry, maintenance work on fall protection systems, repair and coating work on flue gas ducts, general cleaning, blasting and coating work as well as the corrosion protection of steel attachments, such as bandages and platforms. The execution of a concrete renovation and concrete repair is carried out in accordance with ZTV-Ing. DAfStb guideline.

Inspections and condition monitoring

In addition to the new construction and the renovation of chimneys and tower buildings of any kind, we also offer the execution of inspections and condition monitoring according to the valid standards and guidelines. In addition to inspections of chimney installations we carry out camera and personal guided indoor and outdoor examination including a review of the building fabric and taking samples for pollutant and hazard analysis.

Mende Schornsteinbau GmbH & Co KG - Chimney construction and chimney redevelopment for industrial companies

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